Commercial photography and non-models.

Professional corporate photography in Charlotte is a balance of big budgets and making the best of the resources around you.

Unfortunately one of the biggest expenses on a commercial shoot and usually the first things cut is  the talent. A professional model will laugh, cry and pose on their own and look great doing it.  When this happens, co-workers, friends or the occasional impromptu stranger can be be photographed very successfully. Whether it is a corporate portrait or an advertising photography shoot, so the subjects appear relaxed and natural, I try a few of these techniques.

    •  Keep distractions of onlookers and outside conversation noise to a minimum. It is important to “make a connection” with the subject and keep them focused on you. 

    •  That being said, enlist a cheerleader to praise them. Pick the most enthusiastic person on the set you can find.

    •  The more positive reinforcement the better. Tell them they look “incredible, amazing, wow, etc.” and make it believable! After all, your job IS to make them look great.

    •  It’s ok to share a peek at the camera screen with your cheerleader but never the subject. Inevitably they will not like their appearance no matter how great it is. 

    •  I learned a neat secret from, a classic Time Life/ People Magazine shooter I was fortunate to assist. Telling the subject they were done with their portrait, they would walk away and then he would call them back for just “one more shot.” They would be so relieved the shoot was over they would be totally at ease and he would nail a great image! It was cool to see it work.

Overground ad agency booked us to shoot a day with New Dominion Bank for the launch of the banks website and print campaign. All the talent was either a friend of the client or one of their customers. Some of the best shots were when the subjects were enjoying themselves or un-staged. Here are some screenshots of the new site at