Lifestyle Photography

We completed an upbeat commercial photo job in Raleigh last week for AnnMarie Janni, Team Leader at They are an experienced real estate team maintaining an “up and coming” attitude that makes for a fun shoot. The concept was to shoot images of the members in conservative outfits and then one expressing their personality or hobby. Kinda a cross between commercial and lifestyle photography.  We had joggers, cafe motorcycle builders, tennis and golf pro’s to boot. Visitors to their website will click on the agents name and a roll over will transition between the images.

It was produced in a development’s model home which usually presents height challenges for our backdrop and large group photos. In this case we had a two story foyer which was wonderful but it was not very deep. We ended up with a 9’ backdrop in the space and I shot from down the hallway. We bounced several bare strobes into the walls which resulted in broad, even and soft light. I was very pleased with the results.